3 Ways to Say Bye-Bye to Your Double Chin

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Even for those with the most diligent workout routines and well-toned physiques, a double chin can be pernicious, creeping up on us as we age. And there’s no workout for a smooth neck. We all want a sinewy, sculpted neck line, but few are blessed with the ideal bone structure and tight skin.

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So, what to do about it? There are 3 prevailing methods for removing that unwanted fat.

Neck Liposuction

Sometimes the best choice is the one with a proven track record. Neck liposuction is the most effective way to remove submental fat (that’s the fat below the chin). The tradeoff, of course, is that liposuction is surgery, which means you’ll need to take some time off to recover. Not all liposuction techniques are created equal, and the amount of downtime depends in part on the type of liposuction used and the skill of the provider.

Exactly how much time depends in part on the liposuction technique used. Smartlipo™ is considered by many plastic surgeons to be the best option for the neck. The laser-assisted technique is gentler than traditional liposuction and doesn’t require as much downtime.

“Smartlipo is less invasive than surgical neck lift and is often a better choice for younger patients or those who have sufficient skin elasticity,” says Dr. David Stoker, a board-certified plastic surgeon and one of the leading authorities on liposuction in Los Angeles. “Because successful liposuction requires aesthetic intuition, I often refer to it as ‘liposculpture.’ I use a very small cannula and extremely discreet incisions to remove excess fat deposits to reduce the appearance of a double chin and create a smoother, sleeker profile.”


Much fanfare greeted KYBELLA in early 2015 when it received FDA approval for reducing fat below the chin. But the excitement mellowed a bit as patients learned that the “double chin shot” actually requires multiple shots, usually spaced across 2 to 4 treatment sessions. The swelling (sometimes referred to as the “bullfrog” look) also dampened some of the enthusiasm. And the total cost can be comparable to neck liposuction, once all the treatment sessions are completed.

But the idea of a nonsurgical treatment to reduce neck fat remains popular, and KYBELLA is getting some favorable reviews on RealSelf from patients who have seen great results. KYBELLA works by injecting a chemical called deoxycholic acid to break down fat cells, which the body then flushes away through its own metabolism. Unlike liposuction, which works immediately, KYBELLA works gradually and the results emerge over several weeks.

“I’m having more and more millennials coming in asking for KYBELLA by name, many of them referencing Khloé Kardashian,” Dr. Jeannette Graf, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, told Refinery29. “It’s giving these girls a new way to make a small change in their appearance that has a huge impact.”


In addressing submental fat, says Dr. Christopher Zachary, chair of the dermatology department at UC Irvine, the CoolMini applicator serves as an effective alternative to KYBELLA. “They are both very good technologies and the two are complementary,” he told Dermatology Times.

CoolMini fits snugly below the chin, making it the only FDA-approved, noninvasive fat reduction treatment designed for the neck. Using the patented Cryolipolysis® process, the CoolMini freezes the fat cells, triggering a breakdown of the cells themselves. Some people see the results they want after a single treatment, but the best outcomes often emerge after 2 treatments.

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