5 Simple-Yet-Profound Takeaways From Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within” Seminar 

There were 9,000 people from 62 countries all screaming the same thing: YES! YES! YESSS! Yes to pushing past the fear that holds us back. Yes to releasing the stories that keep us stuck. Yes to annihilating the limiting beliefs that prevent us from living the life of our deepest dreams. I was one of them. So were Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West.

Humans are all looking for the same thing: Liberation from suffering.

For four days, a stadium was filled with thousands of hopeful humans–strike that, determined humans–moving in perfect sync together, screaming and dancing to the beat of the super power drum that is Tony Robbins.

Held at the Galen Center in Downtown LA this past March, Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within seminar was designed to help individuals unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help break through any barrier or obstacle and create the quality of life they desire.

People came from all over the world with their inner baggage in tow, ready to jump into the fire and burn that crap. I mean that fire part quite literally, too–attendees walked barefoot across burning hot coal while screaming, “YES! YES! YES!” all in the name of facing any fear that threatens to keep us small, hold us back, or limit our lives.

Out of 50 action-packed hours of transformational insights and epiphanies, Robbins shared five simple, yet extremely helpful lessons to remember for those moments when we’re in a funk or feeling totally stuck. Read on, and find out how to check yourself so you can re-direct yourself…

1. Whatever you focus on, you feel.

At the root of all suffering and depression is a thought. At the root of all happiness and joy is a thought. Whatever you picture in your mind, you will feel. The mind is a muscle, and the more you “exercise” to redirect its focus, the stronger you get at controlling it. Change your focus, change your life.

2. Destiny is decided decision-by-decision.

Every decision you make—or don’t make—creates your destiny. Where you end up is a result of your choices. Deciding to stay in an unhappy marriage or job will result in a destiny you settle for, not one you want. As Robbins explains, “It’s our decisions, not our conditions, that control our whole life.”

3. Distractions are the destroyer of dreams.

There will always be a hundred things around to steal your attention whenever you sit down to focus on a project–Facebook, text messages, the dusty bookshelf, you name it. If you’re not careful, distractions will consume all of your time, all of your life. Every time you allow your focus to be swayed by distractions, you pinch off the flow of productive momentum. You slow down the dream. Before you know it, time will fly by and you’ll never accomplish anything.

4. Turn “should” into “must.”

I really should get into better shape. I really should spend more time with my parents. I really should take that dream vacation. If we’re not careful, we will “should” all over ourselves and nothing we want will ever come to fruition. Filling your life with “should” will only lead to regret. If there’s something you really want or know you need to do, turn your “should” into a “must.” You never find time, you make time. Make it a must!


5. Progress equals happiness.

Any time you’re actively moving toward something you want, you feel a positive charge of euphoria. It could be getting into better shape and eating healthier, making progress on remodeling your home, or getting better at watching your temper. When you take real steps toward achieving what you want, you feel empowered. Progress fuels personal satisfaction. When you feel good about yourself, you feel good about life.

There are only two options: Make progress, or make excuses.

When you start to apply these basic principles–you check your focus, become conscious of your decisions, avoid distractions, make it a “must,” and feed your progress–you begin to take control of your time and your mind. You begin to unleash the power within. Can you do it? YES! YES! YESSS!

To learn more about Tony Robbins and Unleash The Power Within, or his upcoming Date With Destiny seminars, visit TonyRobbins.com

By Chad Schubert

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