5 SoCal Wellness Retreats to Give You a Bella Start to 2016

New Year’s resolutions have been set with the best of intentions to keep on track; may it be to lose weight, get fit, tone up, de-stress or just to take better care of your mind, body and spirit.

But before life gets in the way, here is a selection of effective health, fitness and wellness retreats to consider in a bid to give you the kick start you may need!

1. We Care Spa

We Care Spa Wellness Gallery

We Care Spa is a holistic detoxification spa in Desert Hot Springs, California that is internationally renowned and respected – leading the movement of juice fasting and colonics to detox the body, the mind and the spirit for over 25 years. Their peaceful, intimate desert oasis comes complete with panoramic mountain views and the most attentive staff. The notion of fasting in the desert as a means to physical and mental clarity has been a spiritual one since the beginning of time, and while We Care Spa has been in business since 1986, the detoxification spa center has exploded into a popular hot spot for overworked corporate America, media executives, models, musicians, actors, and the spiritually-minded and health-conscious around the globe. WeCareSpa.com

2. The Golden Door

The Golden Door Wellness Gallery

The Golden Door experience has been designed to empower guests to reposition themselves at the center of their own lives by tending to their bodies, their minds and their spirits. A hike at Golden Door is as much a rigorous morning exercise as it is a chance to reflect on the day ahead, and a meal is the means by which to learn to satisfy, rather than simply feed, hunger. Through their program of fitness training and refined nourishment coupled with indulgent, caring spa treatments, staff work with guests to treat their bodies with the respect and care they deserve. GoldenDoor.com 

3. The Ranch 4.0

The Ranch 4.0 Wellness Gallery

The Ranch 4.0 is the 4 day version of the acclaimed week-long program, The Ranch at Live Oak/Malibu. This program runs from Thursday to Monday and was designed for guests desiring a jump-start to a healthier lifestyle who are unable to be away from home or work for a full week and who desire to maintain more connectivity during their program immersion. It’s a results oriented program intended to jump-start your fitness routine, metabolism and better way of life. Just like at The Ranch, guests of R4.0 will take part in 8 hours per day of rigorous exercise including 4 hours of morning mountain hiking, afternoon exercise classes and stretching, delicious organic vegetarian cuisine, massages and a cooking demonstration. TheRanchMalibu.com/R4.0

4. Cal-a-Vie

Cal-A-Vie Wellness Gallery

Prepare to be nurtured, inspired and invigorated at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, a Southern California luxury spa resort unlike any other! An exquisite oasis sheltered from the rush and competition of daily life, Cal-a-Vie Health Spa resembles a serene French village nestled away on 200 private acres in northern San Diego County. Complemented by a 5:1 staff-to-guest ratio, Cal-a-Vie’s award-winning wellness program is tailored to suit your personal fitness and wellness needs and goals. Enjoy a three or four night La Petite week or a week-long escape dedicated entirely to you. Be inspired to make positive changes in attitude and lifestyle in an environment of peace and beauty as you enjoy energizing fitness classes, bring your life into focus with mind-body balancing, luxury spa therapies, dine on mouthwatering cuisine and relax in one of 32 luxuriously-appointed, Mediterranean-style villas. Cal-A-Vie.Com

5. Wellfit Malibu

Wellfit Malibu Wellness Gallery

Wherever you are in your wellness journey, Welfit Malibu provides the health program to reach your goals. They support the whole person – social, emotional, physical – in fitness and weight-loss. Located within the Santa Monica Mountains on the Calamigos Ranch just moments away from the sandy beaches of Malibu, every day is specifically designed to provide you with the activities, education, nourishment and individualized attention you need to stay motivated in your journey to a healthier life. Hikes, fitness training, cooking classes, intuitive eating lectures, life coaching circles and exercising in the gym or the pool are just some of the great things to look forward to on your journey. WellfitMalibu.com

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