5 Tips for Summer Fit, Summer Fun and Summer Sizzle

We all want to look and feel our best especially during those summer months. Take 5 minutes for yourself each morning to set the tone and energy for the day. Try my new Fit in 5 for a quick and intense workout that ensures maximum results in minimum time. Visit www.paigehathaway.com to see my most recent Fit in 5.

Burnin’ the Fat & Beatin’ the Heat

Aquatic exercises burn fat & provide resistance, which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity. So hit the local pool for some classes this summer to help you burn the fat and beat the heat!

Beachin’ It

Nobody said a workout has to happen in a traditional gym. Take advantage of your local beaches for some jogging, volleyball or even frisbee! Anything that gets you to burn your calories while enjoying the fresh summer breeze off of the cool ocean water!

Paige Summer Fit

Vegetable Garden’

There is nothing healthier than eating natural, homegrown vegetables straight out of your own backyard. Get started by planting some leaf lettuce, tomatoes, beets, carrots and peas this season. Veggies make for excellent summer snacks or a great side dish for any BBQ gathering.

You are what you eat

Pack your summer diet full of macronutrients so you have the extra bulk of energy. Begin with a chicken or white fish protein meal and add a healthy fat snack such as avocados and you’re all set! To switch it up a bit – swap out the chicken or fish for a nice lean flank steak. Red meat is also packed with protein for an energy-filled day!

Contributed by Paige Hathaway

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