8 Ways Yoga WILL Change Your Life

Everyone has tried yoga at least once and cute yoga gear is now the mainstay of the casual wardrobe. It’s a fun activity that will tone your butt, and you can look cute doing it, which is a win-win!

But do you know what Yoga really does for you?

Here are 8 ways Yoga will change your life for the better:

1. It will boost your Serotonin. When you are feeling blue, sad or down in the dumps, Yoga will boost your mood. Downward dog with deep breathing will assist you in feeling balanced and positive. This move alone, repeated 10X will be more effective then that glass of wine, Snickers bar or other junk you are reaching for to feel better. The effect of the Yoga poses is almost instant and you feel calm and relaxed.

2. Yoga Bum. Yoga will strengthen your bottom half like no other exercise out there. You will have toned legs, calves and glutes that are firm but not overworked. The long lean muscle look is in and yoga is sculpting the bums of many people across the world. No need for butt implants or plastic surgery when you can naturally strengthen the muscle in your glutes!

Yoga class

3. You will get strong. Really strong. You can lift more and outperform others in your age group. You will find that reaching above your head to pull those Versace shoes off the top shelf is easier than before. Even better walking around in those pin heel shoes all day will be easy after you strengthen your muscles and learn the balance poses of yoga.

4. Yoga reduces wrinkles. Well, yoga reduces stress and stress causes wrinkles. No one likes wrinkles. A lot of yoga teachers look half their age because the stress level of life is low and they know how to handle stress through poses and breath work.

5. You will be mentally balanced. Most of my clients throw away the Xanax after a few yoga sessions (with Dr. Approval) from feeling so centered. Anxiety is reduced with deep breathing techniques and belly breathing that you learn in yoga class. You will learn breathing techniques that you can apply to any stressful situation at any time. You can even be standing in the long grocery line and start breathing and you will feel Zen and relaxed.

Yoga print

6. Yoga will provide a positive social outlet. People that do yoga are generally healthier and enjoy to be in the mindset of other healthy people. If you eat healthy, work out and practice good self-care, stress is lower and you feel happy. Happy people gravitate towards other happy people. Surrounding yourself around optimistic people will keep you in a good mood and you will find that things are almost always positive in your life.

7. Yoga will change your mindset. Yoga helps you learn to focus on positive healthy things going on in your life. You will learn that positive attracts positive and you will find that focusing on the good things will outweigh the negative ones in your life. You will also see that the more you focus on a higher yoga vibrational energy, the negative people in your life and the negative events will diminish.

8. Yoga will help you quit smoking. With having to breathe deeply, smoking will become an addiction of the past. You can’t take long deep breaths if you are puffing on a cancer stick all day. You will not want to smoke and you will find that your lungs and body will detox and clean itself out in a matter of a week or two.

With all the positive benefits of Yoga, when would you like to start?  See you on the mat!

Contributed by Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, http://theaddictionscoach.com/

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