Aqua Blu: Beautiful Bathing Suits for Any Size

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. It’s cold, it’s winter and I don’t need a bathing suit, but you do! You always need fabulous swimwear and Aqua Blu is the premiere luxury line to go to.

For the last 17 years, the Australian brand, has been the iconic designs behind the high quality, trendsetting pieces that are seen at all the cool pool parties and amazing beaches.

Inspired by beautiful, confident women of every shape, Aqua Blu is about making a bold statements and catering to the different fits and needs of their customers.

In addition to creating fashion-forward swimwear, the high-end brand provides provocative, yet tasteful collections for sizes 8-18, and an extensive range of contemporary separates with fuller cup fittings in D, DD, and DD/E.

Aqua Blu pieces will make you look beautiful and feel beautiful, which is difficult to do with bath suits, however they’ve perfectly crafted this notion. They continuously deliver stunning patterns and prints while carefully formulating a flawless fit!

Well done Aqua Blu!

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