My Bella LA: Kym Whitley’s Favorite Things in the City of Angels

Actress/stand-up comedian Kym Whitley has been keeping fans laughing and entertained for more than 25 years.

This mom and entrepreneur is showing people what it looks like to be a working woman in Hollywood, currently starring in the third season of Freeform’s “Young & Hungry.”

Kym Whitley’s charm, quick wit and tell it like it is humor makes her irresistible to watch. When she isn’t busy starring on TV, she can often be found touring the country doing stand-up comedy and sharing her story of how she came to adopt her beautiful son Joshua.


Kym recently added entrepreneur to her resume with her new project, “Don’t Feed Me,” which are fun, colorful t-shirts children can wear that clearly list any allergies they have. Allergies affect one in every thirteen children (under 18 years of age) in the United States. That’s roughly two in every classroom, and these allergies can potentially prove fatal.

This multi-faceted entertainer spoke to Bella Los Angeles about all the wonderful places she likes to go in LA, the best advice she’s ever received and her definition of beauty… And of course it’s hilarious!

Best thing about living in LA? The Weather! Sunshine all the time and if it does rain we all get shocked like the world is coming to an end.

Favorite LA restaurant? In n’ Out Burger. I know that’s shocking because LA has countless great resturants with so much exotic food but if you just want to have a good burger and fries and shake…this is the place to go.

Favorite neighborhood? Compton. If your ego gets to high, just take a drive and remember where you came from. Well I’m from Cleveland so maybe that doesn’t count but when I moved here, I was a teacher in Compton so it does hold a special place in my heart.

Kym Whitley 2

The best part of my job is.. making people laugh. It’s better than having a job where you make them mad. The chances of getting shot by a pissed off person, go way down by making people smile.

A visit to LA isn’t complete until… you go down Hollywood Boulevard and look at the stars on the sidewalk.  Now, don’t keep your head down too long, you will miss the rare and uniquely differnt people all around you.

Favorite beach? Venice Beach is a favorite of mine because it’s the ultimate place to find a little of everything. Great resturants, amazing art and the drinks are good too.

Venice Beach

Favorite museum? The LA Art Museum is a favorite of mine and my son Joshua. He loves to ask questions that I can’t answer but I make it sound really good to him.

Favorite place for a romantic date?  Spaghettini Fine Dining and Entertainment in Seal beach is the perfect atmosphere. I haven’t had a date in a while so I’m thinking maybe I should take myself on a date.

Best brunch spot? The Four Seasons. You can accidentally end up spending the entire day there and all of your money.

Four Seasons

Favorite hotel for a staycation for visiting guests? Hotel Angeleno. It’s unique shape is fascinating.

Favorite place to shop? Fashion Square Mall. It’s affordable and close to home.

Favorite spa? The Raven Spa in Silverlake has a very friendly staff the atmosphere is just what you need to get peace and quiet, so go alone and truly treat yourself.

Raven Spa

Best advice you’ve ever received? A thank you goes a long way, say and send them often.

Your one “must-have” beauty or fashion item? A smoothing undergarment and a good bra. If the girls and the muffin top are shifting around on their own free will, that is not a good look.

Definition of Beauty? My mother, Kay Whitley. She was beautiful inside and out. She taught me how to love myself more than anyone else.

Favorite hiking spot? The Fryman Park is in the Santa Monica Mountains on the north side of Mulholland Drive. It’s 122-acres and I’ve hiked point two of them but it was fantastic!

Favorite weekend getaway? Get in the car and take a nice drive to Ventura Harbor with a girlfriend

Ventura Harbor


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