Camila Alves Arrives to Bella LA Party in MOTEV Style


BELLA LA Magazine’s summer cover girl Camila Alves hosted a beautiful soiree to celebrate gracing the front page of the publication.

She was whisked to the Beverly Hills venue by MOTEV which is the most convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around town.

MOTEV is a boutique company with a fleet made up of solely top-of-the-line P90DL TESLA vehicles – making them the company with the largest model X fleet in the US.

Rooted in sustainability, MOTEV offers their high-profile clientele and Angelenos alike, a unique & luxurious experience unmatched by other car services.

Passengers will enter their performance vehicle outfitted with super soft chilled towels, natural aromatherapy oils and bottled AQUAhydrate water.

They also have HE-mergency & SHE-mergency kits by Pinch Provisions – for those potential mishaps on the way to the red carpet or a night out.

Committed to the environment and their staff, MOTEV not only gets their customers where they’re going in style – but they will provide them with an experience they can feel good about on every level.

MOTEV recently announced its first social impact partnership by pledging to support tree-planting and an eco-stystem of sustainability.

For every ride booked, MOTEV will donate money towards the planting of a tree in the Greater Los Angeles and neighboring areas.

Currently just based in LA, the company plans to expand to New York and beyond in the near future.

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