Chaz Dean’s Passion: Taming Tresses in a Soothing Space

Time at the salon is time well spent, no matter where the salon is. For visitors to the Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood, it’s a serene space where people can transform their look and unwind at the same time. There are lush gardens outside, while the interior boasts clean lines, plush couches, and simple-yet-stunning décor.

The three bungalows that comprise the salon offer a relaxing respite from the bustling city — a soothing sanctuary, if you will.

Dean, the mastermind behind the WEN Hair and Body Care By Chaz Dean line, made sure his salon was more than a space to get a makeover.

“My salon represents everything WEN is about — natural, tranquil, calming,” Dean says. “The salon is a loving environment, and I created WEN so people everywhere could love their hair in its most natural state.”

And Dean is no stranger to television. In addition to infomercials for WEN, he has been featured in a few episodes of Bravo’s “Flipping Out.” On that show, famed (and famously cray-cray) designer Jeff Lewis helped put finishing touches into his salon and office space.

Realizing a Dream

Aesthetics are everything to Dean, whether that means the soft neutral tones in his salons or attaining the perfect shades of lowlights.

He was born in Vermont and later adopted, and was raised in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California. From an early age, he enjoyed watching his grandmother work with fabrics and his grandfather craft furniture. In high school, Dean fell in love with taking photos, which “instantly propelled” him into appreciating makeup and hair.

“As a photographer, I could explain to a stylist what I envisioned and what the model should look like, but I was never satisfied with how the look came out,” he says.

He later attended cosmetology school to perfect the images of styles and cuts he saw in his mind. To this day, he is the one taking photos for his salon and product labels.

Dean’s salon was originally located in Bel-Air and moved to its current location in 1993. Since then, he has become a well-known leader in the beauty industry. Dean still spends a few days a week directly with clients in the salon. “My salon is my passion, and I love to spend as much time as possible there.”

The rest of his time is spent with his product development team as the WEN line continues to flourish. Dean has come a long way since WEN’s first product, the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, came out in 1999. The line now includes a full range of styling products, body cleansers, lotions, and eau de perfumes, in addition to seasonal collections.

Dean takes a hands-on approach to WEN, and admits that he browses social media for comments and suggestions. That has helped him define what products customers want to see in the future.

Most recently, he launched the WEN Restorative Texturizing Treatment Spray. “This product is different from anything out there right now. It can be used on wet or dry hair to create the much desired beachy wave without drying out your hair.”

Glam and Grounded

When he’s not working, Dean enjoys spending time with his four Labradors — Hunter, Spencer, Bella Moon, and Riley June — or working out. He also likes to visit farmers’ markets and cook. And if a fan stops to ask how many pumps of WEN they should use (or even how crazy Lewis is), he’s always happy to answer. As much as he loves his work, time away from it makes him a better businessman, too.

“Many times I find inspiration for upcoming projects while I’m out in nature or running everyday errands,” he adds.

Life is hectic for Dean, as he balances the demands of running his salon and product line, along with appearances and home renovations. Staying centered and humble has been key to managing all of his obligations.

“I use my platform to help others and hope to be an inspiration for those looking for motivation in achieving their dreams,” he says. “As someone who worked and fought hard to build what I have now, I know my journey was tough but well worth it.”

Contributed by Kristen Fischer


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