Create Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Living Designs In Modest Spaces

Kim Gordon creates spacious homes and private gardens when square footage is in short supply.

Creating spacious gardens is no small feat in Venice Beach, where its most coveted blocks are known for modest-sized lots. Kim Gordon, of Kim Gordon Designs, however, doesn’t let minimal outdoor square-footage get in the way when she’s designing homes that encourage year-round indoor/outdoor living.

Think rooms that easily convert from cozy inside retreats to entirely private indoor/outdoor spaces via disappearing glass walls. Don’t have the budget to install floor-to-ceiling windows in every room in the house? Here are Gordon’s top tips and tricks to teasing the outside in.

Tip #1: Continue the same flooring inside and out. This is one of the most effective ways to blur that indoor/outdoor distinction.


Tip #2: Install a transparent wall on balconies. You want that green coming in; to catch that glimpse of your neighbor’s tree. From your bed, you wake up and see floor-to-ceiling greenery.


Tip #3: Put the same plants inside and out to connect indoors and outdoors. Or if you can’t do that, plant the same shade of green inside and out.


Tip #4: Install outdoor lighting. When the inside and the outside are lit, it not only makes everything feel like one huge space, outside gardens lit at night always feel magical.


Tip #5: Avoid outdoor built-ins. This locks you in to one way of using your outdoor areas. Instead, keep it flexible. Use indoor furniture outside; move things around.


Contributed by Alexandria Abramian

Photos by Brandon Arant

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