My Day In LA: Draya Michele

Draya Michele is best known for her role on VH1s hit show, “Basketball Wives Los Angeles”

Bella Los Angeles spoke to the beautiful and chic reality star and entrepreneur about her love for her adopted hometown in the latest edition of My Day in LA.

Off screen, this fashion icon designs her upscale swimwear line MINT, which attracts the fashion loving beach crowd including celebrities Selena Gomez and Zendaya.

Black bikini from Draya’s MINT swimwear collection
White plunging swimsuit from MINT swimwear line
Green plunging high leg from MINT swimwear collection

With summer here, we’re wondering how many of her 6 million followers will be sporting these luscious looks poolside.

Draya can next be seen on the big screen in, “True to the Game” opposite Vivica A. Fox.

Bella Los Angeles: You’re from Pennsylvania, which is worlds apart in temperament from Los Angeles. What were your first impressions of LA when you visited here? Did they change when you actually lived here?

Draya Michele: The first thing besides the amazing weather I learned about LA, is the tolerance of traffic.  Just like any other city in the world, it becomes congested. I was so shocked that people actually left their homes to drive places in the middle of rush hour. I had friends whose 15 minute car ride to the mall turned into close to 2 hours and they didn’t mind.

bbwivesla cast

BLA: What do you find the most startling or the strangest thing about living in LA?

DM: It has to be the openness with plastic surgery. People in LA don’t seem to mind if you know they made a few changes. I’ve seen girls laying out at the most popular hotel pools, with full bandages over their noses from fresh rhinoplasty.

BLA: What do you really love about LA?

DM: I love so many things about LA.. The weather is amazing, the beaches are close, they promote clean air and healthy living, the women are beautiful.  These all factor into the creativity in designing my brand. I’m fully inspired by L.A.

BLA: Will you spill with us one of your favorite “secret spots” that you go to for fun?

DM: My favorite LA restaurant has to be Sugarfish. It’s not for the beginner sushi eater and I over indulge every time.


BLA: Congratulations! As a new mother, do you find Los Angeles friendly for kids and do you see yourself raising Jru here?

DM: YES, I’ve learned that a lot of places are baby and stroller friendly. The moms here are usually dressed in work out clothes and it’s all about who has the best stroller.  I’m totally here for all of that.  Comfort and luxury at the same time. We haven’t started looking for schools just yet; we mostly enjoy strolling around the farmers market on Saturdays.

Kylie Jenner wearing a MINT two piece

BLA: You are about to debut your swimwear line MINT at the famous Miami swim week. How is the Miami Beach culture different from the LA culture?

DM: I’m super excited about swim week.  I personally think Miami Beach culture is more tropical, and party themed.  LA beaches are more for surfing and boating I think.

BLA: What’s your favorite beach in California?

DM: El Matador beach in California or any beach from south beach to key west in Florida.

El Matador
El Matador State Beach, Malibu

BLA: What’s your LA go-to spot of the moment?

DM: I love going to this newly built shopping plaza off of Topanga canyon called “The Village” … It’s an outdoor shopping mall with tons of amazing restaurants.  I’m a valley girl.

BLA: If you had to leave L.A. what would you miss the most?

DM: The sunshine.  Omg.  I’d be so sad.


BLA: LA is so vast, so spread out, it’s hard to choose a favorite area… but can you? and why?

DM: I love living in the valley, it’s convenient to everything.  I do my shopping in Beverly Hills and my partying in Hollywood.

BLA: What’s your favorite city in the world?

DM: I gotta give it up to Los Angeles.  This city has elevated my career in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  I love this city.

Contributed by Michele DiNardo

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