Delicacies Jewelry: A Gourmet Inspired Line for Foodies

Calling all gourmet foodies, epicureans and instagrammers who are posting everything they eat and/or everything they make!

Delicacies Jewelry is a food inspired jewelry brand that is an intricate and fun spin on a modern, sophisticated jewelry that focuses on whole, simple ingredients for the food lover in us all.

This unique company is offering up their latest 14K gold line just in time for the holidays – and best of all it also allows you to give back.



Sharing food with others brings a wealth of benefits; helps us to make friends, find love, make memories and of course enjoy delicious culinary treats – and Delicacies Jewelry allows us to share the love, one necklace at a time!

The 14K gold pendants will be available in basilcarrotchickenchili peppercorncrabfishgarlicgingeroctopusolivepigpineappletomato, wheat, and a 3D egg and the retail price ranges from $160 – $400 (They also have bracelets under $100).



A gold chain will also be available to purchase separately for $65.

“In the symbolic language of ancient alchemy, gold represents transformation and transcendence. Gold is eternal, immutable. We are excited to introduce this enduring element to our Delicacies offerings,” Nicolle Nelson, co-founder and Designer says.




Other options include Diamond Pave pendants (Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi is a fan of the diamond pave chile!), gold pendants and leather bracelets for men and women featuring their ingredient du jour under $100.

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