Emmy Inspired Cocktails

The Emmy’s are coming up and Patina Restaurant Group, the official caterer for the prestigious Emmy Awards Governors Ball for the past 21 years, is sharing 5 delicious Emmy-inspired cocktails for you to make at home or for your viewing party on TV’s biggest night.

And if you fancy a night out in the weeks leading up to the September 18 event, the cocktails are also being served up at various locations across Los Angeles and Orange County from August 26th through to the big day

The cocktails will be available at Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse in Downtown Los Angeles, Kendall’s Brasserie and Bar at the Music Center in Downtown Los Angeles, Café Pinot at the historic Los Angeles Library in Downtown Los Angeles, Ray’s & Stark Bar at LACMA in West LA, and Catal at the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim.

Four of the cocktails were developed by Patina Restaurant Group Mixologist Evan Charest, who has developed the bar programs for all of Patina Restaurant Group’s West Coast restaurants and elite catering events. The fifth was developed by Mixologist Charles Joly in partnership with Diageo, the spirit sponsor of this year’s celebration.

You can vote on your favorite drink to keep it on the restaurant menus for an extended period of time by visiting: patinagroup.com/EmmysCocktails.

The Impressionist | Ketel One Vodka, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, Lemon, Honey, Champagne
* A champagne float served in an egg coupe with a lime peel and edible flowers

This cocktail was created by award-winning mixologist Charles Joly, in partnership with Diageo, the spirits sponsor of this year’s celebration. This is one of the Ketel One® Vodka cocktails that will be served for the stars at the Emmy Awards Governors Ball.

1.5oz. Ketel One Vodka
.5oz. Chareau Aloe Liqueur
1oz. Lemon Juice
1oz Honey Syrup (see syrup recipes below)
Top with 2oz of Champagne or Dry Sparkling Wine

Combine all ingredients except sparkling in a shaker tin. Shake and strain into a Chilled Flute or Collins glass with regular ice. Top with sparkling and garnish with Lemon or Lime Peel and Edible Flowers if possible.

Fish Out of Water | Bulleit Bourbon, Lemon, Lavender Simple Syrup, Mint
* A swizzle served in a Collins glass over crushed ice and conned at top with a garnish of sage leaves and angostura bitters

Emmys Cocktails - Fish Out of Water - Photo Credit Ghost Media

“This cocktail is inspired by the comedy nominations. I wanted something light, bright, and just a little bit ‘out there’. The drink is a variation on a classic swizzle using Bourbon instead of Rum and utilizes fresh-made lavender syrup combined with freshly squeezed lemon to bring out some really cool flavors. We serve it as a traditional swizzle over crushed ice and garnish with orange peel, mint sprig, and angostura bitters.”

2oz Bulleit Bourbon
1oz Lavender Simple Syrup (see syrup recipes below)
.75oz Fresh Lemon Juice
6-8 Mint Pieces

In a Collins glass, muddle mint and leave it at the bottom of the glass. In a shaker tin, dry shake all other ingredients. Add crushed ice to the Collins glass until it is half way full and then pour contents of the shaker into glass. Top with crushed ice and garnish with 3-4 Dashes of Angostura Bitters and a Mint Sprig.

Writer’s Block | Ron Zacapa 23 Aged Rum, Lime, Blackberry Syrup, Champagne
* Served in large coupe with blackberry garnish

Emmys Cocktails - Writers Block - Photo Credit Ghost Media

“This cocktail was inspired by all the writing nominations. Writer’s block is real—and it goes beyond writing. When designing new cocktails, I like to serve myself a classic daiquiri and wait for the inspiration to strike. While coming up with this drink, I had three and then realized it would be better with some blackberry syrup and champagne! And thus, the ‘Writer’s Block’ cocktail was born. It is super refreshing and a great celebratory cocktail to honor the nominees.”

1.5oz Zacapa 23
3-4 Blackberries Muddled
.5oz lime juice
3 oz Champagne or Dry Sparkling Wine

Muddle blackberries and combine all ingredients except sparkling in a shaker tin. Shake and strain into a coupe or martini glass and top with Champagne or Dry Sparkling Wine. Garnish with Blackberries.

Director’s Cut | Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Thai Chile Simple Syrup, Lime, White Peppercorns
* Shaken and served up with a lime peel garnish.

Emmys Cocktails - Directors Cut - Photo Credit Ghost Media

“This cocktail is inspired by all the directing nominations. When I think of directing, my mind immediately moves to the art of collaboration and knowing how to make many moving parts work flawlessly. This drink has some very complex, loud components (Thai chile simple, white peppercorns), but they all fall perfectly into place when combined.”

2oz Don Julio Blanco Tequila
.75oz Thai Chile Syrup (see syrup recipes below)
.75oz Lime Juice

Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin. Shake and strain into an Old Fashioned glass and garnish with a Lime Peel.

The Anti-Hero | Bulleit Rye, Amaro, Blood Orange
* Served in an Old Fashioned glass over a large rock with a dehydrated blood orange wheel

Emmys Cocktails - Anti-Hero - Photo Credit Ghost Media

“This cocktail is inspired by the drama nominations. I wanted a spirit-forward, aromatic cocktail that really took on the character of the nominees this year. The drink is Rye whiskey-based, with the depth and complexity of Amaro, and finished with fresh, hand-squeezed blood orange juice to really make it pop.”

1.5oz Bulleit Rye
1oz Amaro Montenegro
1oz Blood Orange Juice

Combine all ingredients and stir in a mixing glass. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass on top of a large block of ice and garnish with a Dehydrated Blood Orange Wheel or Orange Peel.


·       Make a Punch: Making individual cocktails for more than four people will ruin your night. Do yourself a favor and pre-batch your favorite cocktail into a large-format punch with an ice block or ring to keep it cold. This way, guests can serve themselves while you enjoy your party.

·       Use Fresh Ingredients: Fresh-squeezed citrus and homemade syrups require a little extra effort, but can be done in advance and will really up the wow factor of your cocktails.

·       Don’t Forget the Garnish: We drink with our eyes. Presentation is important. Whether you slow-roast a few slices of blood orange at a low temperature in your oven or simply add a cocktail pick stacked with fresh blackberries, it will certainly elevate your game.

·       Ice is important: Use quality ice when possible especially when it comes to punches. One large block will melt slow (and not over dilute your punch), but will keep it cold. For individual cocktails, make sure you are filling your ice to the top of the glass. The more ice you have the colder the drink will stay and actually will prevent quick, unwanted dilution.

·       A Champagne Secret: If you make a champagne cocktail, batch all the other ingredients ahead of time and incorporate the bubbly right before you start the party. Cheers!

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