Exclusive Members-Only Club for Blowouts Launches in LA

“I love blow drying my own hair”- said no woman, ever. And while a messy bun is totally appropriate for the gym, grocery shopping and even brunch – there are times when we need to look a little more, uh… polished.

Well our hair prayers have now been answered with the launch of PRÊTE – an exclusive, members-only club for blowouts that recently launched in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Nashville.

If you are lucky enough to get a member referral, or get accepted off of the waitlist, you can sign up for one of their three memberships – ‘Classic’, which gives you access to blowout appointments at top partner salons for $35,’ Insider’, where a $49 annual fee lets you book appointments for just $29 or ‘Unlimited’, where you can have as many blowouts as you want for $129 a month. (Limit of one service per day.) All booked through a personal concierge.

Basically you will never have to wash your own hair again.


Their highly curated selection of participating partner salons includes Gavert Atelier and Glam in Beverly Hills, RA_ Bar in West Hollywood, Steel + Lacquer in San Francisco and Lucy Pop Salon in Nashville.

Founded by Nina Ojeda, owner of LA-based go-to-market and market expansion agency The Avenue West, the idea for PRÊTE originally came up three years ago when Ojeda realized that she hadn’t washed her own hair in over a year.

“I was spending over $300 a month on blowouts and would regularly struggle to get an appointment last minute,” she explained. “When ClassPass launched in Los Angeles, I mentioned to a friend that there needs to be a similar service for blowouts.”

Glam Beverly Hills
Glam Beverly Hills

At the time she was busy building The Avenue West but the idea stayed in the back of her mind.

“As soon as the agency was growing on its own it was apparent it was time to start something new,” Ojeda said. “PRÊTE was the obvious next step.”

Members can book appointments up to three days in advance and while tip is not included in the membership or booking fees, the company does donate a portion of their profits to the Johns Hopkins University program to help end animal testing.

To be added to the waitlist: http://prete.co/join/

Contributed by Sophie Forbes-Johnson


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