Famous Celebrities Get Involved to Support and Promote Fur-Free Fashion


Friday November 23, was internationally recognized as Fur Free Friday and many celebrities got involved and spoke out against the ‘horrific suffering’ of animals that are currently being killed for the use in the fur trade.

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Many designers and well-known fashion brands are turning their backs on the fur industry. During 2018 alone, Burberry, Donatella Versace, DKNY, Donna Karan, Gucci and Micheal Kors all announced their brand-new fur free policies with Jean Paul Gaultier pledging to also join the bandwagon this year. Many are backing calls and pleas by the Animal Defenders International (ADI) to help consign this brutal industry to the past. The ADI is an organization based here in Los Angeles, London and Bogota and aim to end the suffering of animals in captivity, whilst protecting wild animals and their environments.

This year was a remarkable milestone in the fashion industry as during London’s 2018 Fashion Week in September, for the first time ever, no designer used fur in their collections.

Emily Deschanel, costar of hit TV series Bones, said: “Fur looks best, and belongs, on animals not people. To end the horrific suffering of millions of animals we need to say no to fur – for good.”

Alexandra Paul, one star from the iconic TV series Baywatch, said: “I believe in all animals’ right to live free, pain free. Thanks to ADI’s undercover footage on fur farms, we now know the shocking truth behind this industry. We all need to make this stop – and we can do that by choosing cruelty-free fashion, not fur.”

Deschanel and Paul are just two celebrities who are supportive of ADI’s campaign, others currently involved include, Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley, Brian Blessed and Bob Barker.

Poland is one of Europe’s largest producers of fur, with the US being one of its largest importers. In the US, mink farms are producing 3.31 million pelts per year. Animal Defenders International President Jan Creamer, said: “Treated like a product, these intelligent, feeling individuals continue to suffer for this brutal trade. Born in a cage, they die a terrifying and painful death. This is the real cost of fur – help end the cruelty and say no to fur.”

Members of the public can also back this movement and act to inform shoppers and retailers of the fur trade by visiting ADI’s website here and by using #FurFreeFriday to promote this international movement.


By Sophie Knight

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