By Gina Roberts-Grey

Eva La Rue’s day job is filled with mystery, intrigue, drama, and suspense. And that’s all before she even steps foot on the sound stage in her role as DNA Lab Specialist turned CSI, Natalia Boa Vista, on the CBS primetime series “CSI: Miami.”“I never know what my hair is going to do so it’s always a surprise – and sometimes a hassle – to get it under control,” says the veteran actress, mom, newlywed, and advocate.

Detecting True Beauty

Eva, 44, says nothing can make a person ugly faster than a nasty personality. “Someone who is not a happy person or who has no interest in making others around them happy is very unattractive.” On the flip side, she says in addition to a generous heart and spirit, it’s her daughter, Kaya, 9, that takes her breath away.  “The best part of my day is when she laughs. She laughs, and she owns me. She’s the happiest sweetest baby and even though she’s nine, I still call her a baby. She will always be my baby.”

Like any busy, working mom, Eva knows there’s little time during the day to primp in front of the mirror “painting and spackling.”  She looks great without spending an hour painting on her face thanks to a few simple tricks. “My hair takes the longest time because no matter what, it wants to be frizzy. It hates me!” Instead of fighting with it, Eva tames her wild mane by pulling it into ponytail or tucking it under a hat.  “I am in love with Fedora hats, or really any hat, because instantly, you have a style and look done. If you have bad hair, you suddenly look good,” she says.

To combat what she calls “hereditary dark circles,” Eva swipes on a little concealer. Some tinted lip gloss and a little blush bronzer if she’s looking pale completes her “on-the-go” look.  “If you have nothing else in your arsenal, some blush bronzer and a hat and you’re good to go anywhere. I love a faux glow,” says the actress who stays out of the sun’s harmful rays.

Clueing Into a Healthy Lifestyle

LaRue’s road to healthy living was peppered with twists, turns, and – like many of us – a few speed bumps. “I dabbled with all sorts of diets through the years,” she says. Finally, learning to eat for her body has unlocked the clues to maintaining a healthy and good health.  “Learning how food affects my body, and Kaya’s, has been everything,” she says.

Discovering her – and her daughter’s – food allergies to wheat and soy put Eva on the path to a healthier lifestyle.  “We thought we were eating healthy by eating a lot of grains. It turns out those things were making us sick.”  LaRue’s daughter had battled terrible rashes and bouts of eczema for years. “We went to several doctors who gave her ointments, goops, and so on. But two weeks without soy and wheat she’s feeling great and her skin looks amazing.”

Cutting out wheat helped LaRue shed 20 pounds, too. “It’s tough to lose or maintain a healthy weight when you’re in your 40s. I’m not going to yo-yo diet, or go on a radical diet to be super-skinny. So I eat what is good for my body,” says Eva. Her favorite snack: fruits and veggies.  “Of course, I am human, so every once in a while, I have to have a cookie or a brownie. Life’s too short to live 100 percent cookie-free.”  She says she also tries to work out regularly to keep her bones strong and heart healthy.

Investigating Love For a Third Time

In June 2010, Eva tied the knot with her businessman beau, John Cappuccio. But this wasn’t her first trip down the aisle. She was married briefly to actor John O’Hurley, and in 1996 married her then-“All My Children” on-screen husband, actor John Callahan, who is Kaya’s father.

The newlywed says finding love in her 40s is much different than relationships she had when she was younger. “In your 20s, relationships are romanticized, and you have an idea of what you think marriage is going to be and what you think you’re going to feel. Your heart guides everything and it’s all romantic, passionate, and crazy. You love who you love whether it’s good for you or not.”

She says falling in love in your 40s doesn’t have that wild abandon, and that’s OK. Her contention: A little too much abandon might not sustain a relationship. “You don’t pick a partner in such a carefree style. At this age, I know exactly what I need, what I want, and [what I] don’t want.  That opens the door to a real and true amazing love as well as a real partner. You experience a depth of love you’re not capable of having when you’re younger.”

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