Hire Your Own Fashion Stylist to Refresh Your Wardrobe

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities always look amazing in envy worthy outfits every time they step out in public? Chances are they’ve had a stylist help them look perfect.  And good for them. Who wouldn’t want the advice of someone whose job it is to make you look your best? 

It seemed like having a stylist shop for you and devise a fashion forward wardrobe was only a reality for a very select handful of people who could afford it like celebs or those with a disposal income. However, now you don’t need to be an A-lister to get the inside scoop on the latest trends or how to look fab.

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The fashion world is booming and a personal stylist or image consultant as some prefer to be called, is one of the most sought out professions in the industry. Anyone can look red-carpet ready with the aid of an expert fashionista and now it’s become more common to actually hire one because of people like Melissa Polo Landau. She styles people for a fraction of the cost stars pay and is just as amazing as those who work with Hollywood’s top talent.

She recently started Vetir Femme–meaning to dress in French, to help others look great.

“I started this business with one goal; to give my clients a tool that can reset their lives or at least make their lives a little better. Fashion and trends happen so fast and retailers change direction so frequently that it may be hard to keep up,” Melissa tells Bella Magazine.

Melissa at Horleys

“Clients look to me as the person that will enlighten and educate them on all the new trends that come through each season and I live to help people find their inner confidence and enhance their natural beauty,” she added.

So why hire a stylist?

Well besides the obvious reasons like everyone will lust after your wardrobe and you’ll never look in your closet again and say you have nothing to wear, stylists help you create an image that you want to present, which is so important, especially in this social media age. First impressions are everything. Plus it’s actually affordable to have one.

How does it work? Melissa, who lives in New Jersey, but can cater to clients anywhere in the U.S., explains her process.

1. Typically I like to take them to lunch or dinner If they live tri-state area. If they are in different city, I set up a Skype or FaceTime meeting.

2. We determine if they want a full wardrobe makeover or to be styled for a big night.

3.  After speaking to them, I create a mood board to get a feel of what they like. This can be done on Pinterest or I create presentation for them.

Accessories 2016 options

4.  If I’m styling someone for the night, I get a sense of the person’s style and what he or she gravitates to. I start sending options based on that and what’s on trend. If I’m doing a wardrobe makeover, I’ll have my client give me a budget for the season. We break it down between shopping experience and online shopping. I help you save money by showing you what to buy and what to leave on the racks. I also work with any budget and I’m good at bargain shopping.

5. For a styled event, I create a presentation with the whole look including hair, makeup, shoes, accessories. Once they have all pieces together I have them send me a picture with complete look ( obviously not hair and makeup)  or if they are local, I go their house. Take pictures for them, I help them get their pose for the night, my clients love this!

When it’s a makeover, I give my client 3 months of service. In that time frame, my clients start learning and getting the trend, what to look for and what suits them.

6. Voilà! All done!

Melissa at Horleys

Anyone can say they’re a stylist or imagine consultant so beware and make sure they have the credentials to back it up.

For instance, Melissa has worked in fashion for 10 years with designers likes BCBG Max Azria and Erin Fetherston. She has a degree from Berkeley in Fashion marketing and merchandising as well in addition to a certification on image consulting from Fashion institute of technology.

Stylists have become just as important as trainers, assistants or a therapist to many so don’t be intimidated to hire one. Go for it and show off your amazing new look.

For Melissa’s rates and services, email melissa.polo@vetirfemme.com

Photo credit: Jennifer Bladel

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