Hit the Red Carpet Just Like the Celebs Do: Here’s How…

Los Angeles is abuzz with red carpet parties, movie premieres, and media events. To ensure celebrities look their best, they reel in their team of experts to get them red carpet-ready. Below are a few of their tricks.

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Ali Levine, Celebrity Stylist:
I always start off with colors and designs and then assess their best assets to go along with the vision and feel of the occasion. Once I have this on my mood board, I start sourcing for the perfect silhouette. At the end of the day, style is important but form is also key, so I usually tailor to ensure the dress fits perfectly. Undergarments can be your best friend or your worst enemy, so keep that in mind as they can make the difference between a crease, line, or that straight-on sex appeal. Depending on the design, I’m always sure to find the perfect bra or cutlets, and Spanx is—of course!—one of my favorite key weapons. If the dress is short and you need to ensure legs look their best, I’m obsessed with Frangi Pangi. It’s a brand I was recently introduced to and it offers the perfect color match to your skin tone. It looks like you have nothing on … it’s serious camouflage for the legs! Also, to ensure a dress lies just the way I need it to, I use top stick to secure things down ever so slightly.” 


Nurse NatalyAesthetic Queen of Beverly Hills:
“To ensure skin is glowing and looking its best, I like to have a bit of lead time in case they have any nervous acne flare ups. Our Glam Ready Facial is amazing and helps every skin type. It’s one of our top treatments for those getting ready for an important photo shoot or event. The Glam Ready Facial is infused with LED Light Therapy, IV Therapy, and 24Karat Gold Carat Mask. It gives skin a glow from the inside out and includes our smoothing diamond-tip microdermabrasion and an oxygen infusion of a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and minerals, lifting high frequency, detoxifying galvanic currents, massage, steam, extractions, and our ‘Liquid Ice’ that kills bacteria. It’s finished off with our exclusive brightening mask from Spain. After this facial your skin will look luminous, lifted, and glowing. Another amazing treatment is our PRP/Micropen treatment, which does wonders for restoring and lifting by utilizing your body’s own natural repair system. It’s incredible!”
iGlow Med Spa, 9400 Brighton Way, Suite 201, Beverly Hills, CA 


Jerric FruitsCelebrity Hair Guru
“To ensure a polished look, I recommend getting your hair cut about two weeks ahead of time and conditioning once a week leading up to the event. To keep the volume up all night, start with damp hair, massage in Kerastase Mousse Bouffante, and blow-dry the roots upside down without a brush. If your curls usually insist on falling out before the night is over, use a lightweight styling product like Redken Iron Shape 11 before you curl. It never gets firm, but will hold the shape all night. Rather than using a messy oil, I finish with Pureology Cuticle Polisher. Dab about an almond-size-worth and emulsify into both hands, running over the surface to add shine and control unwanted frizz.” Martinez-Samuel Salon, Sunset Plaza, 8590 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

By Denise Weaver

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