How to Be a Better Version of Yourself

There is no such thing as a bad workout; there may be a careless, ignorant workout, but never a bad one. Anything extra you do today—even getting your heart rate up by walking briskly—will be rewarded tomorrow. Take every day as a new beginning to a new life. If you can’t change something in that exact moment, don’t let it steal your inner peace … focus instead on what you can do for now and continue to do a little more every day.

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Here are six thoughts to get you started toward your ultimate health and wellness journey:

#Selfies at the gym — yes, or no? Did you know that taking selfies at the gym can increase your chances of coming back the next day by 75 percent? That may not be a proven scientific fact, but most sweat-selfie aficionados will come back to gym day after day.. That’s because the pic you took before either looked great and got you motivated, or you simply just weren’t happy with what you saw and now you’re determined to make a change for the better. Either way, if a selfie gets your butt back in the gym, it’s a win.

Eat real food. The fitness industry is booming in our country — and so is our obesity rate. Maybe it’s because most of us are just not moving like we should and are consuming all types of empty calories that do nothing for us! I know, I know… it’s hard to eat “real” food because we’re definitely being taken over by GMO foods! It seems like everywhere you look there’s some sort of a fast food restaurant popping up. It’s time to get cooking, or make some better decisions before it’s too late and you’re starving, which leads to eating the first thing you see — usually not the best choice! If you don’t have the time to cook like you’d like, look into a meal prep service and let them take care of commitment to eat healthy. In the LA area, I recommend Dr. Fit (

“I like big butts and I cannot lie.” Yes, we all want a nice booty, but we don’t necessarily want to work for it since it requires hard work and dedication.Enough of that! Let’s get to deep squatting—I’m talking booty to floor, keeping your knees behind your toes at all times. Breath in on the way down and out on the way up. Go on, and give it a try!

Properly feed those booty gains. That’s how we will keep them growing! First things first: Carbs won’t make you fat, despite them falling into the same “stay away” category as fats. If you don’t include carbs in your diet, you simply won’t have the muscle energy you’ll need to perform workouts that matter. It may actually be doing more damage than good if you’re not adding carbohydrates to your everyday diet. A good rule of thumb is to carb up before every weight lifting session and carb back up again post-workout to refuel the muscle. (Just be sure to cut back on carbs in the evening.)

Hate fat, but not fats. Guess what? Like carbs we all need fats and should keep a good amount in our bodies. Unless you’re training for a bikini contest, there’s no need to go below low-fat comfort levels. Let’s face it: Low-fat just doesn’t sound fun or taste good, it’s just for the look. You need the perfect amount of good fats to substitute for the bad ones, especially those trans fats. Let me break it down for you: Since good fat provides 9 calories per gram, women following a 1,600-calorie diet need 36 to 62 grams of good fat;women eating 2,000 calories need 44 to 78 grams of fat; and women consuming 2,400-calorie diets need about 53 to 93 grams of good fats each day.

Make your body work while you snooze. Before you catch some Zzzzs, consume a protein blend with casein and glutamine so your body can do its magic and recover properly while you hit that deep REM sleep. That’s the valuable fourth stage of your sleeping pattern when you begin to wander off to dreamland while your body is getting the appropriate rest without any interruptions. Tips to get to REM sleep: Dark room, noise cancellation, a comfortable bed, a body well hydrated, and an air-conditioned room temperature.  When you wake up, you’ll be fully rejuvenated and ready to do it all over again—just make sure you’re doing a little more each day.

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Luis Loya, a certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist (NPTI, NPTI Nutrition, NESTA, AFTA), considers himself a master motivator. “My goal in life is to help as many people as I possibly can in any way, so I decided to start with their fitness and health goals.” Loya trains many of his clients at Ultra Body Fitness in Hollywood, CA, while also commuting all over the city, from Hollywood Hills to the beach shores of Santa Monica. His resume boasts more than 10 years of hands-on experience and constant study to become an advanced trainer that meets all his clients’ wellness needs.

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By Luis Loya

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