The LA 11: Dorothy Wang

‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ star Dorothy Wang is best known for her wit and candor on the hit E! reality show, and of course showcasing her fabulous lifestyle in the 90210.

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Daughter of a billionaire retail real estate mogul, Wang is a designer and entrepreneur in her own right building an empire of affordable luxury brands.

The driven Beverly Hills native has a fun line of necklaces based on her ‘Fabuluxe’ lifestyle, using her favorite hashtags like, #nofilter and #wcw, as pendants. She also recently launched a line of sparkling wines and rosés called ‘Rich and Bubbly’.


When not traveling the globe with her family, the raven hair beauty is also focused on her philanthropic endeavors and lends her support and time to UNICEF and Children’s Hospital.

Dorothy shares with Bella Los Angeles her favorite things about the city.

Best thing about living in LA?

The best thing about living in LA is that I feel like there are so many different cultures here. There’s a good blend of different types of people. I get to experience a variety of people and diverse foods.

Favorite LA restaurant?

I love Angelini Osteria for rustic Italian.

Favorite neighborhood?

Beverly Hills. It’s home, and the little bubble I grew up in.

The best part of my job is..

I get to do what I love and live my life, I get to work with my friends and interact and meet all of our amazing fans.

A visit to LA isn’t complete until…

You run into a #richKID


Favorite beach?


Best advice you’ve ever received?

You can’t make everyone happy. You have to live your own life for yourself.

Your one “must-have” beauty or fashion item?

I’ve been really into my Adidas slides. They have gone from my post workout footwear into my daily life.

Definition of Beauty?

My definition of beauty, is that you have to be beautiful on the inside. I know so many people I thought were beautiful, and once I get to know them realized they weren’t.

Favorite hiking spot?

Runyon is always convenient. It’s not the most scenic but it’s where I go most.

Favorite weekend getaway?

Las Vegas. I do a relaxing Vegas. It’s not always a party trip.

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Photo credit: Brandon Showers

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