The LA 11: Dr. V

Take an irreverent perspective on life’s problems and add a dash of profanity, and you get Dr. V (aka Dr. Venus Nicolino). Dr. V’s edgy and humorous yet philosophical take on “How to Human” has made her an audience favorite.

Now entering her fourth season as the host of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” Dr. V first appeared on Bravo’s “LA Shrinks” in 2013. Since then, she’s been featured on “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” “Millionaire Matchmaker,” and appeared as a recurring guest on “Watch What Happens Live,” “The Dr. Oz Show,” “The Real,” and “Rachael Ray Show.”

Currently, Dr. V is hosting WeTV’s spin-off, “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition.”

BELLA sat down with this super smart (and hilarious) LA native who breaks down her top picks for living the LA Life…

  1. Best thing about living in LA?

What I love most about LA is the deliciousness of differences. In just about any part of town you can look around and see a sampling of people from nearly every corner of the world. It’s invigorating to live in such a diverse place. Also, everyone clears out at Christmas, so parking’s easier then.


2. Favorite LA restaurant?

If I want to go fancy and have a five-hour dinner, I’d have to say Providence. If I want to brush up on my Italian while I pee, I’d head over to Terroni in West Hollywood (they have “Learn to Speak Italian” records playing in the loo!).


3. Favorite neighborhood?

I love downtown LA. The energy there is awesome, and it seems like the rest of LA is finally realizing what a hidden gem sits nestled between the 110 and the 101.


4. The best part about my job is…

Being able to time travel—when someone talks to me in a vulnerable, authentic way about his or her past, present, and future self, I feel transported. And in what other city could I wear this many professional hats: Relationship Expert, Reality Show Host, YouTube Philosopher, etc. and still be perceived as legitimate? Only in LA!


5. A visit to LA isn’t complete until you…

Have an uncomfortable encounter with a costumed weirdo in front of the Chinese Theater, get yelled at for bringing a peanut butter sandwich too close to a playground, or attend a dog’s birthday party.


6. Favorite beach?

El Matador State Beach in Malibu is my absolute favorite. And yes, I’m sacrificing the secret of my favorite beach so your readers might enjoy it, too.


7. Best advice you’ve ever received?

Wisdom has a habit of arriving with unexpected messengers. Everyone expects an instant response to everything. But remember, you are living your ​lifetime​. Your time belongs to you, you’re allowed to slow things down. You can decide the tempo of conversations, the making of decisions, the pace that you respond to things—all of it.


8. Your one “must-have” beauty or fashion item?

I’m a lip person. My Chanel Rouge Coco Shine No. 54 Boy lipstick is heavenly. I wish I could say it’s like sex on your lips without it sounding weird. I slather it on even though I know I should try to make it last. I go through them like candy. Help!


9. Definition of beauty?

Everyone’s greatest ally and worst potential foe can be found in the same place: the mirror. ​Physical beauty is an always-changing cultural construct, but internal beauty is eternal. ​What is truly beautiful always surpasses the physical. ​I​mperfection is a vital component of beauty. Reflecting the best in others can highlight what is beautiful in you. Reflecting the best around you reveals the best within you.


10. Favorite hiking spot?

The escalator at the Grove when it’s broken.


11. Favorite weekend getaway?

If my passport isn’t expired, we head down to Las Ventanas in Cabo. If I’m feeling more casual, we’ll head out to Ojai Valley Spa & Inn. I’m also a big fan of doing nothing in my own backyard with the fam’, which seems harder to get to than Cabo at times.

By Courtenay C. Hall 

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