My Day in LA: ‘Containment’ Star Christina Moses

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Christina Marie Moses stars as data recovery specialist Jana Mayfield on the CW’s mid season replacement, Containment, created by Vampire Diaries show runner, Julie Plec.

Born and raised in the City of Angeles, Christina shares her favorite things about this great city of ours with

What do you miss about the LA from your childhood?  

The coffee house scene. I grew up in North Hollywood and Hollywood. My friends and I would go to coffee houses after school, during our free periods and order tons of coffee, smoke cigarettes, read, draw, write poetry… I don’t see that now. Oh and Venice Beach. It has always been fairly touristy, but it used to be grittier and dirtier and was home to a vast collection of weirdos and artists. My girlfriends and I used to go and dance with the Rastafarians, it was just us and the locals. It was fun and freeing. We thought we were totally cool for that!

What changes have you seen that are exciting? 

There is a great art scene that is spreading all over LA like wildfire. Culver City, Venice, Downtown to name a few. There were not many art walks when I was growing up.


Have you ever lived outside of LA? 

I moved to NYC and ended up there for nine years. New York always called to me, even in high school.  I love the vibrant energy, the electricity and that I can step out of my front door and be connected instantly to my city. Believe it or not it grounded me in a way that LA did not and still does not. I always felt inspired there. But it is a hard city. The weather is extreme, it is loud, smelly, too fast. But so rich and beautiful in culture and diversity.

What I love about LA is the quality of life that is available. It is refreshing to kick back in the lovely weather we have here (though I do love more pronounced season changes, just not as extreme as NYC anymore) and the immediate access to nature.

The main difference for me, and it took a while to put my finger on it, is in the area of work. I used to agree with the saying that if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere. But I actually think that if you can make it in LA you can make it anywhere. And that is because you have to generate your own inspiration and motivation here. I am not sure why, maybe because LA is so spread out, because of the weather, or because there is not the same buzz in the ethers ushering you along whether you like it or not.  It is harder to meet people here due to our car culture. People are definitely hustling here, but you have to dig for it, it is not as palpable as NY.


What’s your favorite thing to do in LA when you play hooky for a day?

Beach! Or the desert or the forest. Just get me outside. Oh wait. Movies. I love going to the movies.

Spill with us one of your favorite “secret spots” that you go to for fun? 

Not sure how secret it is, but my favorite relaxation spot is a Korean Spa. There are a few I adore, Olympic and Natura are my favorites. There is also a spot in Elysian Park in Echo Park that always grounds me and makes everything right again. I cannot tell you where or it would not be a secret, but there are horses. I will say that much!

When I was a kid my father and I used to sit in the Catholic church on Lankershim. We are not Catholic or Christian for that matter, but it was so utterly peaceful. Staring at the saints always made me feel insignificant in the best of ways, like my issues are not better or worse than anyone else’s. I felt safe and connected to everything.

If you had to leave L.A., what would you miss the most? 

If I was going to a place that did not have authentic Mexican food I would be upset about that. Haha. And quite possibly this Pho restaurant in Silver Lake. I do not think it has a name. But it is the best Pho in LA.


Describe from start to finish your ideal L.A. day.

Wake up and take my pups on their morning walk, have a protein shake or light breakfast, and then head to the gym for a swim. After that eat for real, perhaps at Cafe Midi or Crossroads (two of my favorite restaurants). Then my boyfriend and I would take our pups to the beach and run around like crazy with them. After we would stop by Neptune’s Net and order fish and chips and an ice cold beer and watch the waves and the sunset. Then we would cap the night off with watching our favorite shows. At the moment it is “Vinyl” and for me “Friday Night Lights.” Yes, I’m late on that one!

What’s your favorite beach in California (anywhere not just LA)?

Hermosa, Laguna and Manhattan.

So hiking is big in L.A., almost a cult it seems, are you part of the hiking movement? 

I love to hike but I am definitely not part of the movement. I would not mind getting my hiking game on a bit more.

What’s your go-to spot of the moment?

Cofax on Fairfax. The best breakfast burrito ever. In the whole world. Ever.

LA is so vast, so spread out, it’s hard to choose a favorite area… but can you? and why?

That is so hard. I think about that a lot actually. I love Topanga. I would live there if it was not so far from everything I need to do and everyone I know. Eventually I will move there, but now is not the time. And I love the east side. Echo Park first and then Silver Lake. Outside of Venice, I think some of the best food in LA is there. And I love all the boutiques and the art popping up on the east side.

What’s your favorite city in the world?


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