From Lawyer to Ambassador of Sweat: How Robin Arzon Ran Her Way to Her Dream Life


You can’t scroll through Robin Arzon’s Instagram feed without feeling inspired to get out there and sweat. Whether she’s logging in miles as she trains for her next ultra marathon, coaching other runners, or teaching her popular Peloton spin class, sweating (with style!) is just a seamless part of her existence.

In Arzon’s new book, “Shut Up and Run,” she shares an inside look at how she manages to make a life out of “sweating with swagger” filled with tips and inspirational anecdotes. She sat down with us between a spin class and a run to share her story.

How She Got Herself to Shut Up and Run

After surviving a near-death experience when a gunman went on a murderous rampage, threatening her life and the other patrons at Bar Veloce in the East Village back in 2002, Arzon took up running as a part of her healing process. She saw a flyer for a 10K race and decided to sign up. “Once I started running more and more, it was a way for me to almost think without overthinking,” she explains.

To chronicle her training, she started a blog called “Shut Up and Run.” It motivated her to go running, which was tough as she was clocking 80 hours a week as a corporate lawyer at the time. After five years of practicing law and falling in love with fitness, Arzon decided to switch gears and turn her career into one as an “Ambassador of Sweat.”


How to “Sweat With Swagger”

Go solo. Arzon loves running with other people, but “nothing will replace a solo long run of 20 miles to teach you so much about your capacity for mental strength.”

Stay in the music-free zone. When she trains, the confident and mindful athlete leaves her headphones at home. “I find music distracting. I’m focusing on other things when I run, and it is more of a mental journey for me.”

Make sleep a priority. Since she wakes up at the crack of dawn, Arzon shares that she “needs all the sleep.” To get through her active 14- to 16-hour days, she often says no to social engagements during the week to ensure enough shut-eye.

Eat clean. Though Arzon’s diet is strictly vegan, she says she’s not a big calorie counter. “I am more concerned about where food comes from than how much of it I’m eating.” She chooses unprocessed, plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, lots of greens, and those with anti-inflammatory properties, like ginger.

You have to want it. Arzon found out she had Type 1 Diabetes a few years ago, and it never made her want to stop running. Her advice for other people who exercise but suddenly face health challenges or injuries: “People need to do what they can and adjust and pivot. If you want it bad enough, you can find ways to continue to move.”

“Don’t limit yourself with one ladder, create your own jungle gym.”

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