Lunya: Luxury Sleepwear That’s Comfortable and Sexy

If you’re tired of either being uncomfortable while you slumber or looking frumpy in oversized shirts, new luxury sleepwear Lunya is the perfect solution.

The Santa Monica based startup is reinventing loungewear, specializing in creating custom apparel for health-conscious women who want to look good, feel confident and consciously treat their bodies right in the process.



Lunya focuses on blending technology with smart data, extensive studies and rare fabrics, scientifically proven to enhance the sleep experience.

This beautiful collection was created after the founder Ashley Merrill glanced at herself in the mirror on her way to bed wearing her husband’s oversized t-shirt and boxer briefs. She was suddenly aware of her careless sleepwear and how little her reflection resembled who she wanted to be.



This realization sent her on a mission to find comfortable, flattering sleepwear but her only choices were uncomfortable, sexy lingerie or unflattering, traditional PJ’s. The sleepwear options available didn’t match the woman Ashley wanted to be; an effortlessly cool, confident, and comfortable woman.

Get ready to get on the gram with #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS (and actually mean it for real this time).




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