Memorial Day Travel: 9 Carry On Must-Haves

As travelers downsize and save their cash from rising baggage fees, it becomes imperative that carry-ons are able to hold the perfect, compact essentials. Here are some travel friendly necessities that will make your journey extra pleasant:



Let’s start with your carry on. Raden’s 22” makrolon polycarbonate carry on contains a removable battery to charge any device with 2 charging ports. Its integrated iOS app informs users of their case’s weight, current weather conditions, TSA wait times, traffic alerts, case location, and flight details. Available in seven colors and multiple finishes as well as larger check in size (28”), its definitely the smarter, stylish way to travel.

The Travel Org


I usually shove three or four small zippered pouches in the in-room hotel safe when I travel. The Travel Org eliminates all the excess with zippered compartments for items like your passport, boarding pass, home currency and car keys, as well as room for accessories including your music players, mobile phones, and business cards, it ensures all of your travel must-haves can be stored in one place that is both secure and easy to access.



You wouldn’t want to pay for baggage fees, why would you want to pay for mediocre airplane headphones? FRENDS partnered with Swarovski Gemstones to create these limited edition headphones using the Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia.  Each cap takes 15 hours to make from start to finish, making this headphone a true work of art. Fashionable and functional, the collapsible design allows the headphones to fit in the vegan carrying case with ease; the 42″ soft, fabric-covered cord minimizes both tangling and breaking.

Mystique Sandals


4536_nudemop-150 2

LA based, family owned and operated Mystique has been designing and manufacturing sandals for almost 20 years. Mystique has something for every woman- bold and embellished, modern and contemporary, as well as fun and playful. These bejeweled sandals will add some dramatic flair to any outfit and work for both day and night.

The Cross Design Travel Pillow


Forget those ridiculous travel blow up neck pillows and opt for this down filled pillow instead. It comes with a pillowcase and folds up into its small carry bag for easy packing. You can use it for extra lumbar support if those hotel pillows are lackluster.

Perpetual Shade

I Woke Up Like This_CL11

This sleep mask has 100% silk fabric on the face side of the mask and the soft elastic band prevents light from disrupting your sleep while maintaining ultimate comfort. The eye masks are a sassy, fun statement and a favorite of Chrissy Teigen and Melissa McCarthy.

LA Fresh


Sunscreen. It’s essential – especially on those cloudy days when you think your safe. These LA Fresh wipes will provide SPF protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The packs are small and its non-greasy and non-irritable formula is paraben and oil free and contains no sulfates, triclosan, artificial fragrances PEGs or dyes. Thankfully, these have never tested on animals or made with animal byproducts either.

Happy Spritz


I don’t know what’s worse – being sick on a plane or being beside the person that’s sick trying to shield away the germs. Breathe Deeply is a crisp, minty + refreshing mix of pure peppermint + eucalyptus + 100% pure essential oils.  This aromatherapy blend is keeps you alert and refreshed with relief from seasonal allergies + colds.

Travalo Classic HD

Classic HD - 10 colors

On an early morning flight, I watched a lady at a security check whisper a silent prayer as her very large bottle of perfume went under x-ray inspection not once, but three times. Security could not read the measurement and were about to throw it away. Holding up the line for the other travelers, this TSA approved perfume atomizer (holding 5cc of fragrance/ 65 sprays) could have saved her all the questioning and hassle.

Contributed By Elena Murzello

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