Pampering at La Prairie

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As spas go in LA, Hotel Bel Air Spa by La Prairie is one of the best in the city.

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Nestled away in a discreet corner of the famed hotel grounds, guests are spirited away into an oasis of bliss for their treatments.

Their latest offering to restore the damage caused by our non-stop world is the 90-minute Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Facial.

La Prairie Spa

A trio of Swiss extremophile plants and algae found in the collection helps to fortify skin to become more resilient against the accelerated pace of aging and the strength needed to acclimate to life’s hassles. And who doesn’t want that?!

The process starts off with a wonderful back massage to relax and invigorate, and then goes on to include a facial massage with quartz crystals, cleansing, blackhead clearing, moisturizing and hydrating with a dab of eye cream at the end made from caviar, which smoothens out lines and reduces bags.

The results were phenomenal, long-lasting and the take-away products from La Prairie helps maintain the effects of the treatment.

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