Pelvic Floor Guru Karly Treacy on Having Better Sex, Postnatal Yoga and Kegels

Karly Treacy is a renowned “pelvic floor guru” and yoga instructor for over 20 years.

Her interest in the pelvic area came from having 3 children in 3 years and suffering bladder and uterus injuries as a result.

She decided to take her health and recovery into her own hands sans surgery, and has since fully recovered and created a movement to get every woman physically and emotionally re-connected to their post baby bodies.

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Karly’s bodyshops are aimed at supporting women everywhere to get them energetically, sexually and aesthetically reconnected to themselves.

She has helped women with who are postnatal, peri-menopause, going through menopause or had a hysterectomy.

She has also trained celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Lauren Bowles and more. Karly shares her tips with Bella Los Angeles.


How did you become a pelvic floor expert?

I became knowledgeable about all things pelvic floor related while managing my own dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse.  Major surgery with the placement of cancer causing mesh slings was not a desirable option for me, so I began to study with specialists all over to understand what had happened in my body and this gave me the ability to create a program to try to fix it. It worked!!

What are the benefits of doing kegel exercises?

Kegels done right, will give the pelvic floor muscles which are responsible for supporting and helping maintain the function of some very important organs (bladder, bowel, urethra, uterus) the strength and flexibility they need to do their job well! Like all muscles in the body, if they are not exercised properly, they will not perform their best.

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What is some postnatal yoga moves women can do to help them recover from giving birth?

This depends on how far out from delivery the mama is. My general recommendation to someone with no complications is 1-12 weeks post partum- Kegels and light stretching and outer hip strengthening work. 13-20 weeks wake up the abdominals and whole side body with postures like side plank, extended side angle pose and triangle pose. 21+ a full practice with focus on outer thighs hugging to center, chest opening and spine lengthening.

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Can yoga improve your sex life? How so? 

YES! I know yoga can improve your sex life!  A yoga practice requires the entire body to be awake and working. It will muscularly turn on the whole body.  Breathing fully in your practice, think inhaling to capacity and exhaling until you are empty, will relax you while it stretches and strengthen the pelvic floor which will give you more powerful orgasms!

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What is Diastasis? 

Diastasis is the separation of the abdominal muscles at the linea alba.  From pregnancy or obesity, these muscles pull apart from the connective tissue leaving a gap between the muscles.  This makes the belly look pregnant and at its worst allows for the intestines to sneak up into the open space affecting digestion.

How does yoga help heal diastasis? 

A yoga practice needs to be specifically targeting diastasis healing.  There are many yoga postures (plank, navasana, upward facing dog and more) that would need to be avoided while someone is managing diastasis.

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