Shine On: Glitter Beauty Party Looks

It’s the holiday season and most of us are craving something new that’ll take our party makeup to the next level, a technique that will separate us from every other smokey eye and red lip out there sipping a cocktail. The answer is simple — glitter!

When it comes to this magical pigment, there aren’t a whole lot of don’ts in my book, so I have listed only the do’s to live by when using glitter.


Prep. Always use a shadow primer when working with glitter. Without a base, the glitter will have nothing to hold it in place, and you could end up looking like you were glitter-bombed. (It’s a thing. Google it.)

Test the waters. If it’s your first time experimenting with glitter, start by using a thin eyeliner brush to place the glitter near the root of the lash only. Finish up with two coats of mascara for an easy eye design that has that je ne sais quoi.

Experiment. Once you become addicted to glitter (trust me, you will!), try applying it somewhere out of your comfort zone like the tip of the lashes, collarbone, hair, or even your eyebrows. Doing so will give you a new look that’s beautifully unexpected.

Go big or go home. Choose one area to focus on and go big. Whether it’s your eyes, lips, or cheeks, pick one feature to highlight and keep the rest of your makeup low-key and matte. This creates a stunning contrast that will put your glitter in the spotlight.

Eyes first. When placing glitter anywhere near your eyes, save yourself a lot of time and frustration by doing your eye makeup before your foundation. That way, you can use a makeup wipe to easily remove any runaway glitter before perfecting your complexion.

Nude is best. When it comes to glitter, stick to neutral tones, such as rose gold, silver, champagne, and gold. These shades are the easiest for anyone to pull off. Leave the blues, pinks, and purple glitter pots untouched for now, and wear your glitter the sophisticated way. #hairflip

Be bold. Glitter attracts attention, so be confident and wear your glitter loud and proud!

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle

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Contributed by Rachel Paul

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