Summer Skin Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing   

While summer is one of our favorite times of the year, unfortunately it’s also high-risk season for your skin. Hot, sunny days can lead to excessive sweat, which then leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Plus the sun is basically cooking your face, so you have to be sure to protect your skin. If you don’t, your natural elastines, collagen and skin texture can change, making you more prone to wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dryness, and other signs of aging. Not great!

As someone that laid out slathered in baby oil and iodine as a teen, skin treatment and sun protection was unfortunately an afterthought. For some immediate help, I asked a noted beauty expert in the Hollywood community for a few recommendations that can help jumpstart a healthy skin routine and anti-aging program.

Oxygen Facial

To the rescue is Nurse Nataly of iGlow Med Spa in Beverly Hills. Known as the ‘Aesthetic Queen of Beverly Hills”, she is a true skin saver. With an office that could serve as a meet and greet for Hollywood’s top talent, (I’m talking Emmys, Oscars and the Grammys), she believes that revitalizing and restoring skin from the inside out is the most important step and designs individual skin programs that enable her clients to age gracefully, beautifully and comfortably in their own skin.
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Here are a few of her recommendations that also happen to be celebrity favorites:

“Before you start any skin routine, keep in mind the essential part of it is beginning with the basics – drink water!” Nurse Nataly emphasizes, “It’s important to hydrate your skin not only from the outside, with moisturizes and serums but on the inside, which will plump up and replenish the dermis as well as your internal organs. We should all be should drinking water, half of our body weight in ounces.”

“Protect your skin with Elta MD 40 Daily, which is my favorite sunscreen. Infused with Hyaluronic acid, it’s fragrance and paraben-free and is extremely moisturizing. It’s especially great for sensitive skin”. A pretty and healthy skin tip I offer my clients is a combination of Elta MD 40 Daily and Le Mieux’s Vitamin C Serum. Mix a bit of Elta MD 40 Daily moisturizer in the palm of your hand with a couple pumps of the Le Mieux‘s Vitamin C, (which has at least 15% pure vitamin C, which is very vital). This will give your skin a beautiful glow and a dewy look.”

elta md

vita c serum

“Le Mieux is an amazing product line. Their Hyaluronic Serum applies easily and offers an amazing added layer of hydration to the skin. It’s fantastic for all skin types and offers a similar hyaluronic serum that is naturally produced in our skin to hydrate the body. Another is their TGF-B Booster Collagen Building Serum, which is fantastic for minimizing lines and pores due to sun damage. It promotes firmness and offers a pretty natural glow.”



For use at nighttime, Le Mieux’s Retinol Serum is excellent for exfoliating dead skin cells, repairing collagen and minimizing pores. Use it it every night because it is gentle and not as drying as other retinols. However, it is crucial to wear sunscreen when using a Retinol serum, so be sure to apply a good layer to your face to ensure ultimate protection and fantastic results.”

retinol serum

Some A-lister treatments exclusively at iGlow Med Spa:

iGlow Oxygen Facial – 90 Minutes, $400.00

“If you feel like you have lost overall hydration in your skin and are lacking a youthful glow, this vitamin enriched facial will help increase circulation and is the absolute perfect facial to detoxify and rehydrate your skin, and will leave you looking fresh and rested.”

How it works: The oxygen is infused into the skin and immediately works to replenish your skin cells, adding instantaneous hydration. The facial includes a deep cleanse, extractions, a tailored mask to your skin needs, microdermabrasion, massage, steam, and vitamin serums that increase circulation and stimulates collagen production. This is a very calming, clearing and nourishing facial. It’s also the perfect treatment before a night out or special event. You will look rested and ready for some summer fun!

iGlow Glam Ready Facial – 120 Minutes, $700.00

Feeling a little lackluster for an upcoming event or a big night out? This facial will prepare your skin from the inside out. Infused with Red LED light (anti-aging light) and Blue LED light (good for acne prone skin) along with IV Therapy – a boost of vitamins injected in your body, you’ll get great looking skin along with a week’s worth of Vitamins! The IV therapy is infused with all kinds of power antioxidants and will leave your skin looking luminous, lifted and smooth; with your body feeling energized and renewed!

How it works: This facial includes a deep cleanse, extractions, Microdermabrasion, an oxygen infused blend of essential vitamins and minerals, steam, massage, and a 24 Karat Gold Mask. All of this is followed up with “Liquid Ice” which is used to kill any excess bacteria on the skin. Your skin will be cleansed from A-Z!

Nurse Nataly

iGlow’s Vampire Facial + MicroPen (Hollywood’s Hottest Secret! -$1000 per Vial, quantity of vials needed depends on each person

Nataly’s “Fountain of Youth” and her favorite treat offered at iGlow. The Vampire facial super regenerates the skin and offers long-term results. This treatment gives you a beautiful glow, and helps minimizes pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne scars, and helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. “The Stem cells regenerate any cells in your body, it is truly the golden fluid”.

How it works: Nurse Nataly uses your own blood! Platelet-rich plasma is separated from your red blood cells and used to inject right back into your skin. After injecting all over your face, (Nurse Nataly is super meticulous and triple checks to make sure there isn’t one spot missed) uses the MicroPen to stimulate the platelet-rich plasma in deeper depths of the skin for optimal, longer lasting results. This treatment is AMAZING!

iGlow’s Clear and Brilliant Laser – Each treatment runs for 30-45 minutes. Cost per treatment is $400.00 (Nurse Nataly recommends 4-6 treatments depending on the skin type.) The perfect non-invasive treatment has minimal downtime and is approved for men and women of all skin types. The Clear and Brilliant laser will improve skin tone and texture, and gives skin a radiant youthful glow.

How it works: The laser delivers tens of thousands of pixels of light that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin. This laser helps replace damaged skin with younger healthier skin, Turn back the clock of aging with the Clear and Brilliant Laser and let’s clear you skin of brown spots, acne spots, fine lines and some wrinkles. The laser will clear your complexion by minimizing enlarged pores, brown spots, and acne scars. Renews the skin, making it soft and smooth.

iGlow Med Spa
9400 Brighton Way #201, Beverly Hills. CA. 90211 / @iglowmedspa

Contributed by Denise Weaver

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