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Dr. Marc Mani continually stands out as one of the true artists among Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Numerous celebrities, international dignitaries, boardroom executives, and socialites rely on his penchant for subtle perfection. Dr. Mani’s careful, dexterous artistry provides his patients with beautiful and natural-looking results. His passion is to provide his patients with renewed confidence with cutting-edge techniques and minimal downtime.

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I recently went to Dr. Mani’s hillside home in Beverly Hills’ picturesque Trousdale Estates. It was a beautiful afternoon without a cloud in the sky. Dr. Mani was enjoying the natural sunlight as he stood in front of his easel working on one of his sketches. As he contoured the cheekbones on his picture, a sketch of a woman’s face, we discussed his career.

The walls of both Dr. Mani’s home and office are adorned with his sketches and paintings. From a painted portrait of Frank Sinatra to a pencil sketch of a woman’s figure, the surgeon’s talent is apparent.

What made you pursue plastic surgery?

I decided on plastic surgery because I was always good with my hands and I was artistic, drawing fairly accurate portraits by age 9 without any training. My mother was an artist—I must have gotten the art gene from her. Plastic surgery requires an artistic eye, specifically great craftsmanship and precision depicting the human face and body. Having an artistic eye is a huge advantage in getting great results.

The TCF lift is something that you developed and is different than the traditional facelift. The results look so natural and the recovery is quick. Can you explain it?

I’ve developed TCF over 16 years by passionately improving my knowledge of the anatomy. The results take the clock back in a very natural way. This is a procedure that has a week of recovery and one more week of “social recovery,” so you’re only down for 14 days. The results are immediate and they last 8-12 years.

It’s not a traditional facelift; it’s where I lift up the muscle layer of the face because that’s the layer that gravity pulls down, taking the skin along for the ride. A regular facelift pulls and tugs on the skin, and that’s what gives that tight appearance and it doesn’t last as long. The best way to truly reverse aging is by pulling up the muscle.

You’ve also invented the MIST procedure, which has virtually no downtime and is accessible to anyone who wants his or her skin to look better. How is this better than lasers and injections?

Lasers and peels in excess are very destructive to the skin. For the MIST procedure I usually remove fat from the flank area. It’s a very non-traumatic process [in which] we suction out a little bit of fat very gently. I then process it so the only thing left are stem cells—the patient’s own tissue is unmodified. It doesn’t add volume unless that’s needed, but it adds blood supply and brightness and visible hydration to the skin.

I’m seeing really great results. I’ve been doing it about two years and the patients who have had it done back then are seeing continued improvement in their skin. They’ve developed resistance to sun damage—I had a patient who got a sunburn in every area except from where I injected MIST. Another patient’s melasma (excess pigment spots) completely vanished. There’s just no other way to do that, so it’s really unique and exciting.

You are one of the few plastic surgeons who specializes in closed rhinoplasty; what is that exactly?

One of my favorite procedures is rhinoplasty, which is nasal reshaping. Aside from facelifts I also specialize in nose, breast, and other types of surgery. I do a lot of rhinoplasty surgeries because it’s a very artistic, sculptural operation.

What is your philosophy on your practice? Why do you love what you do?

I turn away people who have had facial work that is obvious because my belief is that plastic surgery is a deception, and you’re trying to have people believe you’re younger than you are or you have a better-looking nose than you really do. Anything you do that’s obvious, in my opinion, is a total, abject failure.

Because I take care of a lot of people whose faces are shown very close-up on camera, I focus obsessively on the subtlest details in every operation. When my patients take off their dressings, they often cry tears of joy. You see them embrace a new lease on life; it really deeply affects their self-esteem. When I see them smile I know I’m doing what I was meant to do in life.

How do you view the more “glamorous” side of being a noted plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills?

I always remember that I’m a physician first. The joy of any kind of medicine is treating people as human beings and feeling compassion. I’ve done a lot of televised surgery (particularly in my early years), but not so much recently because my practice is referral-based. It was a sort of “milestone” recently when I got asked to play myself in a movie, “Billionaire Boys Club.” It stars Kevin Spacey and is due for release later this year. It was a lot of fun, but I’m not quitting my day job!

I also love educating my patients and the public about plastic surgery. Right now this is hugely important since there’s a surge in the market and a lot of misinformation. I do this primarily through my Instagram account, @DrMarcMani.

Dr. Marc Mani is a graduate of Harvard University and trained in one of the nation’s top three plastic surgery programs, Baylor College of Medicine at the Texas Medical Center.

By Meg O’Brien

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