How To Take Your Workout Outside This Summer

Is summer passing you by as you clock all of your sweat sessions indoors? Here are some of our favorite products that allow you to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get fit outside:

Be Your Own Light


Who needs the sun on your next run with Flip Belt’s Million Mile Light? This lightweight, ultra bright, and battery-free safety light creates a pulse of light with your every stride, keeping you visible and safe on that early morning or after-sunset run. The water-resistant casing on the light will protect it from the elements and it was designed to fit perfectly in the FlipBelt.

Jump Around


From your backyard to your summer getaway, jumping rope is the perfect on-the-go workout. The Smart Rope is an exciting modern update to the old school version from your childhood playground. This LED-embedded jump rope communicates data from your workout to your smart phone. It incorporates the real, natural motion of jumping rope to accurately count jumps, track and recommend workout interval sessions, and calculate calories burned based on your body mass index (BMI).

Pack It All In


Whether you are biking or hiking, the Matador Freerain 24 Backpack is a strong yet ultra-lightweight solution (5.5 oz.) for carrying around all of your summer activity essentials. This waterproof, packable backpack will keep your gear super dry while also allowing you lots of easy-access storage thanks to plenty of pockets.

Play Games


Outdoor summer games can always double as a serious workout. Pickleball from Zume Games is one fun option that will also get you burning calories. This competitive paddle sport combines tennis, racquetball, and table tennis. This game is lightweight enough so you can easily transport it around in its carrying case. Play with your workout buddy or with your family – the game is for ages 8 and up.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate!


S’well water bottles (made of environmentally-friendly stainless steel) are the most stylish way to carry around your H20 this summer. The come in three sizes (9 oz., 17 oz., or 25 oz.) and lots of eye-catching patterns and styles. We especially love the trippy iridescent options from their “Galaxy Collection” for summer!

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