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Like many young stars these days, Debby Ryan is multi-talented and a force to be reckoned with.  She has been winning over tween hearts for years with roles on Disney Channel favorites “The Suite Life on Deck” and the top-rated “Jessie.”Now, Ryan is taking her career in a new and exciting direction with the formation of her band Debby and the Never Ending, which will be debuting their first full-length album this June.

The 21-year-old actress/singer describes the nine-track album as “happy, fun, love struck and stubborn,” and is something she is very passionate about. “I compiled what I wrote and produced it as an album. It’s me being 20, surviving Hollywood, remembering what is important, having commitment issues, moving around a lot and falling in love.” She also describes her music as “the most personal thing I am ever going to release in the atmosphere.”

Listen in as BELLA gets personal with Ryan…


Being a staple in Hollywood, the definition of beauty seems quite stereotyped. How do you define beauty in your life?
I define beauty as being aware, knowing who you are and knowing what you stand for. Being flexible… to go out, to moveand to change. Beauty isn’t just about makeup or looking good, it’s looking beyond what’s right at the surface.

On singing vs. acting
I started out singing and through that,I found musical theatre. I discovered how much I love acting, but there’s definitely a part of me that in between takes I’m singing. Acting is like my husband and singing is like my lover. Being an artist, there is a core need and want … either wanting to tell stories that are yours or to help other people tell their stories. As an actor you are such a canvas and you are such a voiceand a face. As a musician, and especially as a songwriter, which is kind of how I like to go about things, you’re telling your own story. It’s incredible!

Dresden Silhouette


On living overseas as a child
It was a weird, crazy ride. My father was in the military, and I was only 7 when we moved abroad. We lived all over Europe and although it was amazing to discover the beauty in so many different cultures, it was also hard to move around that much. I don’t have anyone here that I’ve grown up with.I don’t have a childhood friend or childhood place I used to go. I don’t really use the word “home.” I rearrange my furniture every six months (laughs) because I have commitment issues with feeling “too comfortable.” For me, home is being with my family.

Were you surprised with how popular the show Jessie is?
I am definitely surprised by it and also think I don’t fully grasp it. I can understand the appeal of the show because it is something I have worked very hard at for a long time. From the very beginning I wanted to make “Jessie.” When my first show ended, I went to Disney and asked to produce it. [S he was still a teenager at this point!]It is the first show Disney ever picked up without a pilot. It started out as just me, the show runnerand a script, and the next thing I knew, we were casting it, shooting in the summer and debuting it in the fall.

Your musthave beauty and fashion items?
I love L’oreal Voluminous in brown/black. And black boots with a bit of a heel. They go with all sorts of things.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My brother – he is the best dude I know. He completely spoiled me growing up and he would be the one to tell me honest things. He remembered to tell me every single day that I am beautiful.




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