KAABOO Del Mar’s Top Drinks This Year


The infamous KAABOO Del Mar music festival, which took place in Del Mar, California this past weekend, had plenty of activations to enjoy between all of the music. If you needed a thirst quencher at the festival, there were quite a few fun activations and drinks to choose from! These were our favorites:

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Blue Moon
One of our favorite light beers was a KAABOO sponsor for the third year in a row. Their Blue Moon Grove Getaway provided guests with a lush escape complete greenery and shade beneath Valencia orange trees (perfect for pairing with a brew) and discreet charging stations. Not only could you score three different varieties of Blue Moon — Blue Moon Belgian White, Mango Wheat (our new favorite!), and Kaabrew specialty Tangerillo IPA, but you could also take Insta-worthy photos in front of their living photo wall. Additionally, on Saturday only, there was onsite free bandana screen printing from Hit + Run.

Monkey Shoulder
This delicious whiskey made a splash with its giant cocktail shaker truck that was mixing up the Mixed-Up Monkey cocktail, comprised of mint simple syrup, lemon juice and club soda, and serving it straight from the truck’s Monkey Mixer. Guests could also enjoy the Monkey Smash and Ginger Monkey cocktails that Monkey Shoulder was serving up.

Hendrick’s Gin
This wonderfully kooky gin was hard to overlook with its three-story bar on premises. The three stories were made to represent the three steps it takes to make a Hendrick’s cocktail. The Peculiar Peach Punch was the hit of the weekend, but guest could also enjoy a typical Gin and Tonic, as well as a Cucumber Southside cocktail. KAABOO attendees could also sign up for hot air balloon rides, complete with a G&T from Hendrick’s.

Tullamore D.E.W.
This Irish whisky stayed true to their heritage with an onsite Irish pub that was serving up DEW & a Brew, a shot and a beer combo, or an Irish Mule. A step back in time, this pop-up bar payed homage to the brand’s history and gave festival-goers a strong drink to look forward to.


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