Three Tips For Healthy Moms

Time always seems to be against busy moms. Whether it is getting the children ready for school, work, or catching up with the friends, finding time to fit in a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Today’s society is all about being on the move. So, in this post we’ll look at three different ways that can help you be fit and healthy without compromising on time.

Ditch the Sauce

Pasta is a family favorite amongst many households in America and an easy go-to recipe when you need to make quick healthy knock-up meal. Just boil pasta and reach for the ready-made sauce. That sauce you bought at the supermarket is probably a lot less healthy than you imagined despite being full of vegetables. Healthy Mummy states that bottles of pasta sauce can contain up to 8 -10 teaspoons of sugar per jar and some creamy sauces may contain over 500 calories, 35g of fat and 2831mg of sodium. It is much better to make your own homemade pasta sauce at the weekend or when you have free time. Make a big batch and then refrigerate or freeze it for when you need to make that quick meal. On their website Healthy Mummy has three recipes: classic tomato, spinach and ricotta and a healthy garlic and parmesan that you can recreate as your own leisure.



The best way to stay fit and healthy is through exercise, but gym memberships can be costly, time consuming and home workouts are plagued with distractions. Running is both a great way to stay in shape and extremely time efficient. Mom of two and Style Editor of The Guardian, Kate Carter was interviewed by Toosta on her running lifestyle and family life. She states that running is ideal for busy mums because if you have 20 minutes free that means you can do a 20-minute run. Running allows you to fit in fitness around your busy schedule. Kate Carter also talks about encouraging her children to do sports and taking her daughter on a junior park run. Making exercise a family event is a great way to keep yourself motivated and spend quality time with your children.


Staying motivated is the hardest part of staying healthy. We all start off with good intentions but it is very easy to trail off. PLAYTIVITIES recommends that when setting a goal it is important to know why you are doing it. When it comes to motivation to stay healthy they state that a mom only has to look as far as their children. Staying healthy is a great example for your children to follow as they grow up and will hopefully lead them to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Every parent wants to see their children grow to be adults and have their own children. Using you family as motivation is a great way to make sure you don’t slack off.

Everyday we are bombarded with new articles and adverts about staying in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle. We hope this article has shown you that with a few simple tweaks and a positive mindset staying healthy for yourself and your family is easy.

Contributed by Regine Rosalie

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