How to Turn Your Home Into a Work of Art

Paiman and Sormeh Salimpour, the mother-daughter interior design team behind Sormeh Lifestyle, are no strangers to the world of fashion.

Between Paiman’s extensive world travels, and her daughter Sormeh’s styling background in the world of fashion (having previously worked with clients such as the Kardashians and Mindy Kahling), this Los Angeles-based duo has combined their design aesthetics to created a company that is deeply rooted in soulful, eclectic style with truly personalized interiors that go far beyond the realms of traditional décor.


Here, Paiman and Sormeh give some insight into how to create a space as unique as your own wardrobe, and how mood boards can assist in your creative decision-making.

Personal Style

Your personal style reflects who you are – it stands out, is comfortable, effortless, yet unique. The same should go for your home. It should reflect your personality and tell a story- the story of your travels, interests, likes, and dislikes.



Customization makes your style unique to you, whether it’s monogramming or engraving. Fashion is art, so why not display it?

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are all the rage, but why not spice things up by hanging your purses up instead of framed photos. Not only does doing so eliminate clutter, but it’s also great if you have limited closet space.


Image 3

Mood Boards

Mood boards are one of the loves of my life. Whether you are putting together the perfect outfit, vacation, party, or design, there is no better way to visualize your thoughts and ideas. It’s unbelievable how much you learn about yourself from looking at the things that inspire you. From colors, textures, design aesthetic, it can all come together when presented as a mood board. You physically see what works or doesn’t, and seeing it helps you understand why.



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